April 23, 2024

Free Video Conferencing and Tools for Small Businesses, What a Great idea


The pandemic sure put a lot of things in motion, it has shown that companies large and small can have a hybrid work environment combing office and home. The issue with that is it brings its own set of challenges along with it beyond the obvious.

Affordability is the key factor as it relates to small businesses, they have been beaten up enough over the past 18 months and with everything opening up it has forced them to evolve with the times. With the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco’s WebEx at the forefront it still doesn’t solve the affordability of it all. Zoom isn’t the most secure as a hacker can easily jump into a persons meeting uninvited and the cost of Teams and WebEx, although extremely secure, just may be a financial burden that a small business can’t take on.

That leads us into VeroHive, its as secure as Teams and WebEx but they have a channel that allows for anyone to have unlimited free video conferences and unlimited recordings. Granted they have their branding on there however its much more than just video conferencing. Guest Members and Members alike become MegaHoot Members and when they sign up they have access to many free services such as digital document management and other platforms that can give them an edge.

It’s a no strings attached situation, privacy is important so very limited data is collected and never shared outside of its ecosystem, no advertising or anything of the sort takes place and every platform is end to end encryption with a dash of advanced blockchain tech to tighten it up.

There are many choices out there but being a part of a growing ecosystem seems to be the way to go as many perks over time will come along with it and hey for small businesses and others there are many free tools to enjoy. Check them out at www.megahoot.com and you be the judge for yourself.

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