June 23, 2024

Modular Construction and 3D Printing will make Affordable Housing Scalable and Possible Globally


Modular construction and innovation is where affordable housing can be attained and Twente Additive Manufacturing is showing how this can be done with their Fibonacci House. Although 3D printed homes have been done before this is Canada’s First 3D Printed Home and to add to that it is also the world’s very first Airbnb listed 3D Printed Concrete Tiny Home.

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity over the past few years as the minimalist mindset has come into play when active travelers look for value as opposed to extreme luxury, which comes with luxury prices.
As travel increases through 2021 there is no doubt that more affordable tiny homes, modular construction or 3D printed on site, will continue to grow due its speed to complete and affordability.

Here is the skinny on Twente Additive Manufacturing, the Dutch start-up was founded in 2018 by its core technical team coming from the automation and wind energy industry. With subsidiaries in Canada, Germany and soon Dubai, Twente quickly took a leading role in the global 3D Concrete Printing development.

For this Airbnb listing all proceeds from the revenues are being directly diverted to an affordable homes project spearheaded by World Housing, an international NGO. Building on the lessons learned from the Fibonacci house, World Housing will build what they hope is the first community in Canada of affordable living space built entirely with 3D printing.

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