Chipz Public Presale is Here!


Chipz is adding thrill to its already promising fanfare of decentralized betting through its recently launched public presale. Even better, unlike most public presales, where it is all about hitting fundraising targets, the public presale will reward early Chipz participants with NFTs. Here’s what you need to know about the Chipz public presale.

We all know that NFTs have become a way of earning crazy cash in a very short time. But, more so, NFTs are a worthwhile concept for anyone interested in gaming collectibles.

Chipz will give away an NFT worth $5k to one lucky participant. In addition, the NFT will be eligible for use in Chipz’s new NFT marketplace for the, which is set to go live in August.

The lucky NFT winner can choose to bet with the token on the marketplace or cash out for the CHPZ token.

Would you like to take advantage of this new prospect? The good news is that anyone participating in the public presale is eligible for the reward. As a participant, all you have to do is tweet “Get your Chipz at, ” and provide your wallet address.

The NFT marketplace will provide another exciting dimension to the Chipz platform.

For starters, once the market place goes live this month you’ll be able to buy an NFT race car from the three levels of cars, personalize it to your liking, race it on and place a bet on it. What’s more, CHPZ holders without an NFT race car can still use their CHPZ to bet on races on

As a CHPZ holder, you will;

Have access to the NFT marketplace where you can buy NFTs, race your personalized car on and, better yet, earn returns by placing bets on the race.
Be able to run a decentralized sportsbook. Chipz allows you to become a bookmaker at only $30 for the quarter or $60 per year and host as many clients as possible — compares favorably with other sportsbooks that charge $12 per person per week.
Get back 3% on your placed bet.
Be part of a community of blockchain developers and advisors looking to revolutionize the gambling industry.
The public presale will end on August 6, the same day when Chipz will go live at $0.05 per token on Uniswap.

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