July 25, 2024

Frontrunners for Crypto Adoption, Cryptocurrency Platform DogeWarrior to Host Public Presale on Aug. 10


In a world where blockchain technology is ever evolving, the need for general adoption remains a constant struggle. By creating easy-access gaming platforms their aim is to increase the overall knowledge and acceptance of blockchain utility in our daily lives.

DogeWarrior, a low barrier, seamless entertaining experience, is proud to announce to the crypto world that its public sale date has been scheduled for August 10th, 2021. 100 people have been selected to partake in the whitelist for the public presale, which involves only 5,25% of the total token distribution. With over 1000 people who did not make the whitelist and will not be able to buy DogeWarrior (DWR) tokens in the public presale, the presale is projected to draw an even bigger base of buyers. 70% of the liquidity will be locked as LP, and at the launch, a massive 24,75% will be burned reducing the DogeWarrior supply.

Become a DogeWarrior

DogeWarrior’s vision is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency with its platform, by providing a fun and accessible way to interact with cryptocurrency by using the DogeWarrior game. DogeWarrior is a card-based fighting game where meme characters duke it out on the battlefield.

Upgrade a fighting squad by trading and collecting NFT’s to unlock new skills to use in-game – Earning and spending $DWR will take a central place on the DogeWarrior platform with $DWR being used as a stake in battles against other DogeWarrior players, or used to take part in big tournaments where prizepools will reward the victorious.

As every fighter knows, reputation can’t be bought – It’s earned. Reputation on DogeWarrior is earned by winning fights and unlocking new tiers of cards and skillsets. When entering the arena, some competitions will be restricted based on a minimum or maximum reputation to ensure matchmaking remains fair. Increasing reputation levels can only be done through PVP.

Up and Coming

For DogeWarrior, the year is packed with development objectives. In Q3 2021, the development of the Platform and concurrent game will start, for which new partners negotiations will start. These milestones will set the stage for its Q4 2021, and Q1 2022 roadmap developments.

To join the battle for NFT glory today, visit the website at DogeWarrior.io.


Telegram: https://t.me/dogewarriorofficial

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