July 15, 2024

Gamechanger Coming to Social Media Where Content Creators Can Earn and Build Their Business


MegaHoot Technologies had a soft launch of their social media platform MegaHoot Soapbox. The platform was actually built so that content creators can monetize not only their content but also their time, their brand and build a solid business or add onto a business.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok use their users content to sell advertising, plain and simple, you get something for free and in turn you allow them to make you their commodity. What MegaHoot has done is put the power in the hands of their members, they are providing the platform MegaHoot Soapbox that is not only void of advertising but void of personal information that other companies use to monetize their user base.

Soapbox has a public social media platform that allows anyone to use to market themselves, share their content and basically promote themselves. Their members have the ability to have their post, which they call “Hoots” to stay live for a minute or forever with the addition of ephemeral posting. They also have a private area where anyone can subscribe to a members channel to access their private page, view non-public pictures, videos and audio. Subscribers also have the opportunity to receive a short personal message from their channel host, similar to what Cameo does but content creators retain more of their earnings than anywhere else. Subscribers also have the opportunity to have a one on one video or audio call with the channel host, which could be a celebrity, athlete, model or music artist, of course this is a premium cost and that is dictated by the channel host.

So for instance if Tom Brady or Lady Gaga where using MegaHoot Soapbox then a subscriber to their private channel could pay for the privilege of getting a short personal message from them or even having a short live video or audio chat with them all in one place.

From a purely social media stand point this is a great concept and not being advertised to constantly is a breath of fresh air, they don’t collect personal data from their members, they at their core are an artificial intelligence and blockchain technology company that has creator valuable platforms for the public, its brilliant.

They just had the soft launch and what we see do far looks like they are off to a great start. You can expect this to be in a mobile app form very soon after they knock out the kinks. This is the website of MegaHoot Soapbox www.megahoot.net .

As of right now MegaHoot Tech is a privately held company but if they are releasing products like this to the marketplace as I have seen so far, I imagine that investment will flow into the company and that private status may not be long lived.

Stephen Johnson 

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