June 13, 2024

Twitter Opens Door Wide for Cryptocurrencies, The Bar Has Been Raised


This is when the rubber hits the road, Twitter will now allow for Tips to be given in Bitcoin $BTC via Stripe on their app, they will also have an NFT validator , step one, more to come. This opens the door wide for the integration of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin into social media and other platforms.

The future of the entire market is so bright and the evolution is gradually shedding light on what is to come. Its a good time to be in this space and a better time to be Twitter, you can expect other social media platforms to follow suit at some point but to make a grand statement like Dorsey did is impressive.

Incorporating NFT’s into the mix shows how they are embracing the crypto market, guess you wouldn’t want to be the person who hung on for dear life to Blockbuster Video as opposed to the future in Netflix when it was just growing up.



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