The UCW Radio Show : Guests: 4x Olympian Sharrieffa Barksdale & Gentel Sharrie


On this episode of The UCW Radio Show, host Louis Velazquez is joined by two special guests 4x Olympian Sharrieffa Barksdale and actress Gentel Sharrie. This is a story of a single mom defying the odds and making sure that her children never knew anything but a bright future for themselves.

“Sharrieffa is an Olympian, Survivor and Super Mom, I’ve seen her rise up against all odds to touch so many lives with positive results. She’s a true champion and I encourage everyone to learn more about her story, I’m proud of her.” stated host Louis Velazquez

Gentel Sharrie is a talented young woman that has never been afraid of taking a chance, from ABC to Fox to Acting, she is pursuing her dream of becoming a staple in entertainment, with the guidance from her mom she is certain to be a true success story.

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