Politicians on the Campaign Trail Have a New Tool to Connect with Voters in Soapbox


With elections coming in droves in 2021 and 2022, many politicians that are running for office may find their campaign budgets taking a dent just trying to keep in touch with voters. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook do help with that but now there is a more efficient way their campaign managers can really connect with voters with a very personal touch, save time and save their budgets.

Enter Soapbox, its a unique ecosystem that was built from the ground up by MegaHoot Technologies, Inc. The system was built for content creators and not as a replacement for Twitter or Facebook, Soapbox is a tool that allows a politician or any content creator such as an athlete, entertainment or celebrity stay in close contact with their voters or fans base in a safe and secure manner.

How it works is simple, verified users are able to create their own Private Club, just imagine having the ability to create an actual club, storefront, campaign office or business complete with the real estate and tools to build immediately, this is what Soapbox is but in a virtual way. However it does allow Club Owners to transcend from the virtual to the physical solely by creating local events.


The big win with MegaHoot Soapbox is that the tools in Soapbox for Club Owners give them the ability to earn and build. The hoopla over one platform that mostly caters to the adult type of industry for maximum revenue potential for the company was interesting. It’s called Onlyfans and they came under fire from their members when they tried to pull out of that arena. Believe it or not Soapbox has a home for those content creators as well, with many tools for them to generate revenue and build in a way they can’t build today.

Now back to politicians, running for office is a tough racket and not for the faint of heart, its costly and it can be a tireless journey to get the golden key to the city, state of country. MegaHoot has made it a bit easier for them with Soapbox and the best thing is that the cost to them is really nothing.


This is what politicians can do on Soapbox, they can conduct streaming live interviews, live town hall meetings with voters with interactive chat and video. They can hold press conferences securely, stream live PPV type of events if they wanted to, basically become their own media outlet without the overhead or stress.

The type of voter connection that can come from Soapbox is what strengthens the voters confidence of the future elected official. The Elections Community Club is a tool that keeps working around the clock for any politician.



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