Elon Musk, is he the smartest guy in the room?


From payment systems, electric vehicles, solar power, space race to crypto and now world hunger, Elon Musk could very well be the smartest person in any room. It’s not just that he’s a smart guy but it’s because he knows what the solution may be and figures it out in the only way it can be.

When he put his life into Tesla, he was doubted across the board and it would’ve been easy for him to just close up shop, find another business and build it. He isn’t built that way and that has made him the wealthiest person on the planet with companies that are aligning to be a huge part of the future. He doesn’t settle for the popular consensus of what his vision should be, only he knows what the end result will be and guess what when it happens then everyone knows that doesn’t have the foresight to see the big picture.

Wall Street players have long try to knock him out of the box, he almost can to that point on a few occasions but he doesn’t stop moving the chains. They refer to him as the CEO of Tesla. but lets go a little further ala Noble House and just call him the Tai Pan of Tesla House because he deserves a name that is a bit more regal than CEO.

He’s battled the SEC in front of our eyes when everyone told him not to, he defied all odds and came out on top time and time again, basically he is far from done on the innovation front.

He called out the UN World Food Program director David Beasley after he called out him and Jeff Bezos, stating that $6 billion is needed to help 42 million people avoid starvation. Musk answered and told him if he can tell him exactly how $6 billion would be used to solve this problem that he would sell $6 billion worth of Tesla stock today.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the Tai Pan has in store for the next five years and how that will impact our tomorrow.

– Louis Velazquez


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