July 15, 2024

Lindale woman gets 2nd 30-year sentence in connection with 2019 death


 A Lindale woman has received a second 30-year prison sentence for her part in a crime which led to the death of Tyler man.

On Monday morning, Hannah Leigh McCartney of Lindale received her 2nd 30-year prison sentence for her part in an Aggravated Kidnapping that led to the death of LaDarius Bell in 2019, this time her sentence was given in Smith County by Judge Jack Skeen in the 241st District Court.

In a prior court hearing, McCartney pleaded guilty to a first-degree felony murder charge and waived her right to appeal in front of District Judge Scott Novy in the 188th Judicial District Court in Gregg County.

McCartney and Bell were part of a trio that together with Jared Freelen planned and robbed a victim at gunpoint who had “procured the services of prostitution” from McCartney, according to an arrest warrant. The intended robbery victim pulled a gun and fired several rounds striking Ladarius Bell, said officials.

“They fled the scene and seeing how injured one of their accomplices was, they threw him out on the side of the road,” said Kristie Brian, a spokeswoman for the Longview Police Department. Bell’s body was found on the side of FM 2089 in Smith County, said officials.

Jared Freelen, of Lindale, was sentenced to 30 years for his part in Bell’s death on April 9.

McCartney’s new sentence will be served concurrently with the Gregg County sentence.

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