June 21, 2024

We are pleased to announce to the Pecu Novus Community that serious progress has taken place with not only the sharding of the blockchain but with the implementation of the Validator Nodes. The Validator Nodes are pretty simple, every Pecu Member has access to one and they will be able to download the Validator Node to their desktop computer, activate it and that is it. There is nothing further for them to do, there is no coding or additional steps to take, all of the heavy lifting has been done for Members.

Each Validator Node will have the ability to hold up to 100,000 transactions in their ledger, these transactions all create blocks on the Pecu Blockchain as they occur. The Node Ledgers essentially creates a trustless blockchain network as each Node is different and all Nodes lodge their individual transactions on the Pecu Blockchain as they occur. So this becomes truly immutable and permanent as it should be.

The network does not work on a Proof of Work Model or even a Proof of Stake Model, it works on a Proof of Time Model, so the time a node is live what dictates the rewards received. Pecu Members need not stake their PECU in order to become a Validator.

The Nodes process all transactions on the Pecu Novus Network, even though the Pecu NFT System is a true independent layer-one blockchain infrastructure, it is integrated into the network so that it has the same security, inclusion, speed and scalability as the Pecu Blockchain itself.

The sharding of the blockchain infrastructure will give the Pecu Novus Network essentially infinite scalability as the blockchain shards automatically in order to have seamless growth as the network grows in size. This will allow the network to scale transactions for PECU, NFTs of all types, Tokens created on the network, Customized Permissioned Based Systems, Gaming and more.

The MegaHoot team has been hard at work to bring forward Pecu Novus 2.0 : Code Falcon so that Pecu Members can benefit from the security, utility, accessibility, ease of use and functions in the Pecu Terminal.

Thank you for your continued support as Pecu Novus 2.0 : Code Falcon continues to roll out. We look to deploy the upgraded blockchain infrastructure and Validator Nodes on April 22,2022.

Pecu Novus was not built for some people but it was built for all people.




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