April 25, 2024

The Metaverse has been put in the spotlight with the extreme growth of NFT’s representing everything from virtual real estate, art and gaming skins. Facebook and Microsoft have taken it to the next level and with that comes a faster paced race to the virtual world.

There is not just one Metaverse, there are many, the interoperability will not be there for some time as tech conglomerates control their own virtual worlds with little outside interaction. This may change in the future but in the meantime it is important for quality platforms to exist, both centralized and decentralized.

Since MegaHoot Technologies has embraced the responsibilities of the complete overhaul and upgrading of the Pecu Novus Network, it has opened up a world of opportunity and growth. The integration of Pecu Novus into MegaHoot platforms will strengthen both the network and expand the reach of the Pecu Novus Blockchain.

One of the ways the Pecu Novus Network will expand is the integration into MegaHoot SoapBox, it is a social media platform that has two parts of it. The public part, which is being upgraded to include text only posts, can be looked at as a cross between Twitter and TikTok (learn more at www.megahoot.net ). The private part is where Soapbox Members can create virtual private clubs and build a business, build a community and grow their reach. They directly own all their content and since this is a subscription based social media platform there is no advertising, so members private data is kept private.

Soapbox Private Clubs are owned and operated by the club owners, as the virtual world is built out club owners will be able to buy commercial and residential real estate, build their venues, purchase NFT’s representing everything from artwork, skins to cars. They will also be able to build a business and sell it if they choose, so virtual business brokers may come into play at some point. They will be able to trade NFTs and Tokens in real time with other members on a peer to peer basis.

Soapbox Club Owners will be able to stream live, offer live events on a pay per view basis, have on demand pictures, videos or audio, have a digital marketplace for their items, have private chats with their members and basically integrating social media into the Metaverse but with members in control of their virtual business, owning their virtual business with the ability to grow it as large as they so choose.

So how does Pecu Novus fit into all of this?

MegaHoot Technologies will be building out their Metaverse platform with Pecu Novus integration, this will allow for a robust and secure virtual world to exist, it will allow for virtual architects, developers, celebrities, business owners and verified individuals to actually build a virtual business there.

MegaHoot Technologies will be opening the doors for developers to get involved in the project and build their own set of tools for their own business using the SDK offered to them, they will be able to offer virtual items such as skins, homes, buildings, cars, basically anything virtual. They will become partners with MegaHoot Technologies so that they can continue to develop, expand their business and help to make MegaHoot’s virtual world as robust and safe as possible.

This will be an ongoing project and we will update the Pecu Novus Community as it progresses. These are all exciting developments.

(from the Pecu Novus Blog : https://blog.pecunovus.com )


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