July 23, 2024

Javy Coffee Increases Its Sustainability, Scalability, and Profitability by Partnering with Fillogic


Javy Coffee, a premium coffee concentrate company, and Fillogic, a logistics-as-a-service platform for retailers and brands, have a similar approach to business – one that helps them look beyond the status quo and transform their respective industries. That’s one of the reasons they work so well together.

“At Javy, our main goal is to provide consumers with delicious coffee quickly, conveniently, and sustainably – we ethically source our beans and look to deliver it with as little environmental impact as possible,” said Jordan Kane, Head of Supply Chain, Javy Coffee. “It was important for us to find a logistics provider that had the same attitude toward disrupting the status quo, scaling for growth, and protecting the environment, all while providing us the specialized service that we need, and Fillogic has been the perfect fit.”

The Fillogic Hub Network of tech-enabled micro distribution hubs, located inside local shopping malls, puts Javy Coffee products closer to consumers and gives the coffee retailer access to end-to-end logistics in the middle and last mile.

“We knew we could help Javy reduce their transit times and fulfillment costs by increasing their local presence with our platform and decentralized logistics network of local hubs,” said Bill Thayer, Fillogic’s co-founder and CEO. “And by doing so, we also cut back on their carbon emissions because the product is always closer to the consumer.”

Another reason Javy chose to partner with Fillogic was because of their proprietary software. Fillogic’s commercial-grade logistics technology integrates seamlessly with Javy’s tech stack to better manage inventory and fulfillment while providing end-to-end visibility.

The one-time integration to get Javy up and running on Fillogic’s platform was quick and easy and provides Javy with access to the entire Fillogic Hub Network. In less than 10 days, the company was fully on-boarded, including technology implementation and inventory conversion.

Fillogic is able to provide Javy with track and trace shipment visibility as well as handle the packing and kitting for their specialized orders. Javy offers single products, bundles, and subscriptions services. Fillogic is able to accommodate these and any other special requirements as a result of its commitment to customer success, the team’s subject matter expertise, and its innovative platform.

“Our initial deployment with Fillogic is in a 4,100 square foot Fillogic Hub, but with their platform’s capabilities, we are able to get inbound product from dock to stock in less than 90 minutes, which would often take our previous provider days,” Kane said. “Additionally, Fillogic is able to fulfill and ship orders same day, and because of their model’s operational efficiencies, they’re easily able to fulfill over 3,000 units per day out of this hub, saving us, on average, two days of transit time, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint while lowering fulfillment costs.”

Fillogic has the ability to intelligently forward-deploy inventory, fulfill orders (DTC and B2B), provide returns and reverse logistics capabilities, and optimize transportation across all service levels through the Delivery Marketplace, its proprietary multi-carrier network and sort/seg solution. With this end-to-end approach, retail partners save up to 65% in time and cost from order placed to order delivered while reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%.

“We believe our agile approach to repurposing space to unlock logistics capacity in the middle and last mile, while optimizing the utilization of that space, is the reason we’re delivering unparalleled throughput and productivity for our retail partners.” said Rob Caucci, co-founder and President of Fillogic. “In the case of Javy, the fact that we’re able to manually pick, pack, and ship .76 units per square foot daily at minimal cost and with the other added benefits is a testament to Fillogic’s unique value proposition in the market.”

About Javy Coffee
Founded in 2020, Javy Coffee started with the belief that there had to be a better way to combine convenience and quality in instant coffee products. Javy was able to do just that and now fuels creativity and motivation with convenient yet premium, easy to make, versatile coffee. Through dedicated and passionate craftsmanship, Javy remains at the forefront of coffee innovation. Learn more at http://www.javycoffee.com.

About Fillogic
Fillogic is a NYC-based technology company dedicated to maximizing efficiencies for retailers and transportation networks via mall-based micro distribution hubs. It is an experienced team of retail and logistics professionals, technologists, serial entrepreneurs, and creative problem solvers with more than 160 years of combined experience. Fillogic is driven by a mission to help our partners decipher the writing on the wall as technology continues to rapidly transform the retail landscape. For more information, please visit: http://www.fillogic.com.

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