July 15, 2024

Revolutionary New Private Luxury Club Concept to Launch in Dubai


The Watch Meister founder is expanding the famed brand by launching The Meister’s Club, one of the world’s most elite private member’s club in Dubai later this year. The club is based on a completely new private member’s concept – blending creator economy opportunities, networking, investment and luxury lifestyle experiences with real returns on investment. Accepted members can expect an initial early admission fee of $42,000 USD, with the added bonus of 12% APY on their membership fee and a host of unexpected experiential membership benefits, beyond traditional brick and mortar concepts.

“We wanted to create an innovative luxury private member club offering benefits far beyond existing members clubs who we feel all offer a similar and now outdated experience. Our membership is global in scope and tailored towards a diverse mix of different worlds, both new and traditional, yet with a common interest – to create global connections, grow their businesses and meet like-minded individuals, all whilst immersing themselves in luxurious benefits and experiences that money can’t buy. We term it as ‘disruptive opulence with true investment return’. Hands down, this is a real game changer,” explained Watch Meister Founder and CEO Riz Ahmed.

Member benefits include all-inclusive private jet weekend excursions to secret retreats in the Maldives, access to society yacht networking parties, use of the club’s unparalleled supercar fleet and invitations to some of the world’s most exclusive events and networking opportunities with the global elite. Members also receive a free exclusive NFT timepiece as a welcome gift into the club.

“We’ll be releasing some amazing opportunities closer to the launch date – so watch this space,” hinted Ahmed.

Membership applications are now being accepted with only 500 membership spaces available after a screening and interview process. Additional membership allocations may be considered in 2023 through member referrals only.

The Meister’s Club, part of the Watch Meister brand, is an exclusive private luxury members club that offers unprecedented global access to investment and networking opportunities in the digital realm and worldwide elite luxury experiences.



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