June 23, 2024

Snail, Inc. Revolutionizes Game Development with Artificial Intelligence Generative Content


Snail, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNAL) (“Snail” or “the Company”), a leading, global independent developer and publisher of interactive digital entertainment, today announced its successful application of Artificial Intelligence Generative Content (“AIGC”) in game development. As AI technology continues to make rapid strides, the gaming industry, characterized by its integration of words, graphics, animations, videos, and a variety of digital assets, has emerged as one of the early adopters of this game-changing technology. The high compatibility of AIGC with the gaming sector has introduced new opportunities and challenges, driving innovation and growth within the industry.

Snail has been actively exploring AIGC applications. AIGC has played a significant role in expediting production and assisting development in various aspects, including concept creation, art design, music, voice acting, intelligent NPCs, storylines, and world-building. The application of AIGC fosters innovation and rejuvenation in games.

Snail believes that the advanced technology of AIGC enables game designers to create more detailed, diverse game worlds, enhancing game quality and user experience while unlocking greater potential for gameplay and generating increased commercial value for the Company. For example, AI is expected to drive unlimited content generation in Snail’s Metaverse gaming project, combined with Snail’s independently developed 3D engine, Flexi. Transitioning from User Generated Content (“UGC”) to AIGC, AIGC technology can significantly enrich game content and provide a broader variety of gameplay options and attractiveness, increasing players’ engagement and stickiness.

Snail has already successfully applied AIGC technology in multiple game projects, achieving excellent results. Through the utilization of AIGC, Snail has accelerated production and iteration in game development, significantly improving game quality and user experience. Snail will continue to delve into the application of AI technology in game development and believes that AIGC will play a vital role in transforming static data production to dynamic data interaction and become an essential asset in game development.

Jim Tsai, Chief Executive Officer of Snail, commented, “We are thrilled with the progress we’ve made in integrating AIGC into our game development process. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, we’re confident that our commitment to innovation will result in even more immersive and engaging gaming experiences for our players.”

About Snail, Inc.

Snail is a leading, global independent developer and publisher of interactive digital entertainment for consumers around the world, with a premier portfolio of premium games designed for use on a variety of platforms, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

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