June 23, 2024

Ready Player Me Unleashes Monetization Tools to Revolutionize the Avatar Economy


Ready Player Me has taken a significant leap forward by releasing alpha access to a range of groundbreaking monetization tools and premium avatar collections. These innovations empower app creators to tap into the lucrative digital goods economy, estimated to be worth over $100 billion, by offering avatar skins, clothing, and items directly within their apps. With alpha partners including Hiber, Spatial, Wink, and Omlet Arcade, Ready Player Me’s new tools and APIs enable developers to seamlessly integrate 3D commerce experiences, providing unlimited opportunities for brand collaborations, artists, and creators.

The Power of Partnership: Ready Player Me’s collaboration with leading virtual world apps like Hiber and Spatial, as well as popular social networking and streaming apps like Wink and Omlet Arcade, signifies the immense potential of their monetization strategy. Through Ready Player Me’s tools and APIs, these partners have already launched in-world storefronts, such as HiberWorld for The Outer Kingdoms collection, offering avatar outfits to millions of users. This partnership paves the way for brands, artists, and creators to effortlessly create their own 3D commerce experiences within HiberWorld, extending their reach and engaging with a vast user base.

Key Monetization Tools: Ready Player Me’s alpha launch brings forth a range of powerful tools for developers:

  • Developers can create, upload, and publish outfits for sale directly within their apps. Furthermore, these assets will soon be available for purchase throughout the entire Ready Player Me Network, enabling cross-game sales.
  • The API empowers developers to facilitate transactions and revenue sharing, allowing them to build storefronts within their apps or virtual stores that can be explored in-world.

The initial avatar collection, The Outer Kingdoms, is now available for purchase through partner storefronts. HiberWorld, Wink, and Omlet Arcade are among the launch partners, offering users a diverse selection of avatar customization options. Ready Player Me plans to introduce additional avatar collections on an ongoing basis, ensuring a constantly expanding marketplace.

The in-app purchase market reached a staggering $141.75 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate projected for the coming years. Avatars account for a significant portion of this expenditure, highlighting the increasing need for developers to leverage skin, clothing, and item sales. Ready Player Me’s API-first approach, seamlessly integrating with popular game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Hiber 3D, grants developers broad access and significantly reduces development time and resources. By harnessing Ready Player Me’s interoperable network, assets gain cross-game potential, extending their utility across thousands of connected experiences.

Ready Player Me’s CEO, Timmu Toke, emphasizes that the future of the game economy revolves around avatar monetization, as exemplified by the success of Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Roblox. Ready Player Me aims to break down the barriers that previously limited avatar monetization to AAA studios. Their platform makes it possible for developers of all sizes to create and sell avatar skins and items in-game, capitalizing on an avatar economy that spans thousands of integrated experiences.

Ben Tang
News Desk

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