July 25, 2024

WiMi Hologram Cloud Develops Human-Robot Collaboration System Using Digital Twin Technology


WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI), a renowned provider of Hologram Augmented Reality “AR” Technology, has announced its groundbreaking development of a human-robot collaboration system based on digital twin technology. The innovative system aims to revolutionize human potential by integrating humans and robots, fostering collaboration and enhancing skills. By mapping the digital models of humans and robots in both the physical and digital realms, the system predicts and supervises their interactions, paving the way for a qualitative leap in human-robot relationships.

The system leverages physical sensing devices to capture human behavior and input it into the perception system. Deep learning algorithms analyze the multidimensional features of human actions and devise appropriate strategies. The decision system evaluates the results and presents them through an interactive visual interface, guiding human action selection with dynamic guidelines. Concurrently, a digital twin space is constructed, digitally representing physical entities in real-time and simulating their behavior within a virtual environment. Through continuous optimization and computation, the system achieves real-time feedback and enhances the performance of each component, ensuring seamless operation of the human-robot collaboration system.

Digital twin technology enables adaptive human-robot collaboration by facilitating virtual mapping, data fusion analysis, and iterative decision optimization. By establishing interactive feedback between the virtual and physical realms, the technology enhances information expression and fosters efficient resource allocation and information sharing between humans and robots. WiMi’s human-robot collaboration system places humans at the core, granting them decision-making authority and the ability to jointly improve skills with robots. This system builds upon the principles of human-centered design, facilitating seamless interaction and cooperation between humans and robots, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and work goals achievement. With the development of AI, human-robot collaboration is expected to shape the future, creating a harmonious society where humans and AI coexist.

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