SEC Commissioner Urges Shift Towards Definitive Crypto Regulations for Legal Clarity


In a call for regulatory clarity in the cryptocurrency market, SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda emphasized the need for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to move beyond its current reliance on enforcement actions and instead propose definitive rules or guidance. Uyeda’s remarks, made on November 6, highlight the pressing demand for legal clarity in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency sector.

Speaking in London, Uyeda expressed his disappointment with the SEC’s reluctance to take an active role in crafting comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations. He noted that the prevailing enforcement-led approach is likely to result in prolonged legal battles, leading to a lack of clear legal precedents. Uyeda argued that this method could take years as cases progress slowly through the court system and reach the appeals level.

These comments from Uyeda come at a time when the SEC has been increasingly active in the cryptocurrency space, with high-profile cases involving major industry players like Binance and Coinbase. Uyeda’s concerns echo those of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who previously stated that most cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin, should be considered securities, and companies dealing with them should register with the agency.

The ongoing legal cases have placed judges in the challenging position of interpreting how existing laws apply to the novel cryptocurrency industry. The sector claims that operating in the absence of a transparent regulatory framework in the U.S. makes it difficult to remain both compliant and competitive.

To determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract and, consequently, falls under securities regulation, the SEC often refers to the Howey Test, which originated from a 1946 Supreme Court case. Uyeda acknowledges that defining what constitutes a security is complex and critiques the SEC’s current approach as obscure and unpredictable. He likened it to the “sorting hat” from the Harry Potter series, which assigned students to different houses in a manner that seemed arbitrary.

Uyeda’s call to action is for a well-defined regulatory landscape that would enable market participants to navigate the cryptocurrency space without fear of unintentional violations caused by vague or as-yet-uninterpreted rules. His plea reflects the growing consensus that the cryptocurrency industry in the United States needs clear and comprehensive regulatory guidance to foster innovation and compliance.

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