June 21, 2024

Bakkt Expands Crypto Trading Capabilities to Brazil, Guatemala, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore


Bakkt, a leading provider of custody, trading, and onramp capabilities for the crypto economy, has announced a significant expansion of its crypto trading services to several new regions, including Brazil, Guatemala, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This move not only widens Bakkt’s presence in Latin America but also marks its entry into the Asian market, demonstrating the company’s commitment to global expansion.

In Brazil, Guatemala, and Spain, Bakkt has joined forces with the stock trading platform Hapi, offering active crypto trading capabilities in these countries. This collaboration builds upon existing capabilities in Argentina and Mexico, further solidifying Bakkt’s position as a key player in the evolving Latin American crypto landscape.

For its expansion into Hong Kong and Singapore, Bakkt has partnered with digital brokerage SogoTrade to introduce crypto trading capabilities. The collaboration plans to extend these services to additional countries in the near future, aligning with Bakkt’s strategic vision for continued international growth.

Gavin Michael, CEO of Bakkt, highlighted the significance of international expansion in the company’s 2024 agenda. He noted that the crypto economy is experiencing rapid growth in Hong Kong and Singapore, driven in part by recent regulatory clarity in these regions. Bakkt aims to leverage this growth potential by providing its innovative crypto trading solutions to users in these markets.

The company remains committed to the U.S. market but recognizes the challenges posed by the regulatory environment. As part of its strategic shift, Bakkt is prioritizing markets with clear regulatory frameworks and substantial growth opportunities. By targeting regions where regulatory clarity exists and there is a sizable addressable market, Bakkt positions itself to capitalize on global opportunities for growth and revenue generation.

Bakkt is actively working on activating its capabilities in the United Kingdom and Australia, with plans to offer its comprehensive suite of crypto services to users in these regions. The company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and strategic market selection underscores its dedication to fostering innovation and growth within the crypto industry.

Gavin Michael emphasized the instrumental role of regulatory clarity in creating an environment conducive to innovation and industry advancement, highlighting the importance of appropriate guardrails for the flourishing of innovative payment solutions.

As Bakkt continues to navigate the global crypto landscape, its expansion into new territories positions it as a key facilitator of crypto adoption and trading on an international scale. The company’s collaborative ventures and strategic initiatives reflect its proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of the global crypto community.

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