July 23, 2024

Pecu Novus Wallet Launches on Google Play Store, Unveiling Advanced Features and Enhanced Security


In a significant stride forward, the Pecu Novus Team is delighted to announce the official launch of the Pecu Novus Wallet for Android, now available on the Google Play Store. This pivotal achievement marks a momentous step in the project’s journey, offering users a feature-rich and secure mobile wallet experience.

Key Features

  1. Digital Asset Management
    • Users can effortlessly view and manage digital asset holdings.
    • The wallet facilitates seamless transfers of PECU coins and management of various tokens.
  2. Escrow System
    • The smart contract-backed escrow system allows for easy placement of PECU coins in escrow, without the need for coding.
  3. NFT Holdings
    • Integration with the MVault allows users to explore and manage NFT holdings effortlessly.
  4. QR Scan:
    • QR code scanning enables users to transfer and receive PECU coins and other tokens with ease.
  5. Platform Control:
    • The wallet provides a simple interface for toggling control over connected platforms.
  6. Pecu Terminal Access:
    • Users can exercise control over the powerful features of the Pecu Terminal, with ongoing development promising additional functionalities such as account statements and ledger viewing.

Future Developments

The community can anticipate continuous upgrades and the introduction of new features, enhancing the digital asset management experience.

Security Measures

  • PIN Access
    • Users can secure their mobile app with an additional layer of protection through PIN access.
  • Secret Recovery Phrase
    • A unique 12-word recovery phrase is provided to users, ensuring the ability to restore their wallet in case of a lost or replaced device.

MVault’s Safety Deposit Box

  • Cold Storage
    • PECU coins can be securely stored in cold storage, with the flexibility to create multiple baskets represented by unique smart contracts.
  • Over-the-Counter Transfers
    • The safety deposit box facilitates over-the-counter transfers for institutional stakeholders, maintaining transparency on the blockchain without impacting value.
  • Ownership Transfer
    • Ownership transfers of PECU coins in cold storage are made straightforward using a private key via the safety deposit box.

The Pecu Novus Team in a Medium announcement extended their gratitude to the dedicated team members who contributed to the development of the secure and powerful layer-2 platforms on the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network.

They are inviting Pecu Stakeholders to embark on the future of secure digital asset management by downloading the Pecu Novus Wallet on the Google Play Store via the following link.

[Download Pecu Novus Wallet]

Taking a look at the Pecu Novus Wallet both in app and on the web, along with the Pecu Terminal, is showing that this team is actually putting users of the blockchain network first. The Pecu Terminal is especially interesting as it seems there is a lot of runway for additional features, just the ability to print an account statement is a big accomplishment and value add for users.

Terry Jones
Digital Assets Desk

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