Argosy Private Equity Acquires Controlling Interest in Federal Rent-A-Fence


In a strategic move aimed at strengthening its portfolio, Argosy Private Equity, a lower middle market private equity firm, has announced the acquisition of a controlling interest in Federal Rent-A-Fence, LLC. Federal is a prominent player in the temporary chain link fence rental sector, catering to construction sites and events.

Established in 1993 by Sue and Rob Orthey, Federal Rent-A-Fence has its headquarters in West Berlin, NJ, and has expanded its footprint to encompass 15 branches across the East Coast and Midwest. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, including post-driven and panel chain-link fencing, gate frames, windscreen, and other site preparation accessories. Federal’s commitment to quality service, timely installation and removal, and ensuring fence availability has earned it a reputation for customer satisfaction.

With a robust customer base, Federal boasts strong regional expansion and enjoys enduring relationships with its clients. Remarkably, repeat customers contribute to approximately 90% of the company’s revenue, ensuring a diversified revenue stream with no significant customer concentration.

Argosy Private Equity’s acquisition of Federal Rent-A-Fence marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating growth. Leveraging its proprietary Value Acceleration Methodology (VAM™), Argosy plans to collaborate closely with Federal’s management to enhance key aspects of the business. This includes initiatives to professionalize sales and marketing processes through digitization and strategic planning, as well as the establishment of a dedicated sales team.

Moreover, Argosy and Federal’s management team are optimistic about the potential for further expansion through strategic acquisitions to support regional growth and fleet expansion. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, the partnership between Argosy Private Equity and Federal Rent-A-Fence sets the stage for an exciting phase of growth and innovation in the temporary fence rental industry.

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