Rayus Radiology Partners with Ezra to Launch Nationwide Whole Body MRI Offering


Private equity-backed radiology provider Rayus Radiology has announced a strategic partnership with Ezra, a growing startup company, to introduce a nationwide whole body MRI offering, marking a significant development in the healthcare industry.

Ezra, based in New York, recently disclosed raising $21 million in capital with ambitious plans to establish 50 new locations in 2024. Now, in collaboration with Rayus Radiology, the healthcare company aims to deploy its product across all 150 of Rayus’s freestanding imaging centers.

Ezra specializes in MRI exams for healthy individuals, with prices ranging from $950 to $2,500. Utilizing FDA-cleared artificial intelligence software, Ezra analyzes the MRI scans to detect potential health issues before they escalate. This initiative aligns with a growing trend in the healthcare sector, joining other providers such as startup Prenuvo and radiology practice SimonMed Imaging in offering whole body MRI services.

Kim Tzoumakas, CEO of Rayus Radiology, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “After careful due diligence, we are excited to make full body MRI screening available through our nationwide network of imaging facilities via our technology partnership with Ezra, the AI leaders in this space.”

Ezra’s AI-powered software boasts the capability to monitor for cancer and over 500 other conditions across up to 13 organs. While this innovative approach has garnered attention, it has also raised concerns within the specialty, notably from the American College of Radiology, due to its potential cost and the possibility of triggering further unnecessary healthcare services for minor findings.

Positioning itself as a trailblazer, Ezra claims to be the first to globally leverage AI across all components of cancer screening—imaging, analysis, and reporting—using a direct-to-consumer model. Its suite of tools includes Ezra Prostate AI, designed to assist radiologists in analyzing MR images.

Formerly known as the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Rayus Radiology is backed by New York private equity firm Wellspring Capital Management. With a reputation as the “nation’s leading subspecialty practice for advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology,” Rayus employs over 3,000 team members across its headquarters in Minneapolis and nationwide.

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