July 15, 2024

Digital Economic Council of Australia (DECA) Announced as New Identity for Blockchain Australia


The prominent industry association formerly known as Blockchain Australia has undergone a major rebranding, now operating as the Digital Economic Council of Australia (DECA). This change represents a significant shift towards a more inclusive approach to digital economic activities, reflecting the evolving landscape of technology.

Amy-Rose Goodey, previously the Chief Operating Officer of Blockchain Australia, has been appointed as the new CEO of DECA. She succeeds Simon Callaghan, who resigned as part of the organization’s strategic transformation. Goodey highlighted that the rebranding marks a “deliberate move” to embrace not only blockchain technology but also other emerging digital sectors such as digital identities, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

“This rebranding to DECA signifies a transformative leap towards inclusivity in the digital tech space,” Goodey stated. “As the industry evolves, it’s essential that our organization grows with it, expanding our focus to encompass the broader spectrum of Web3 technologies and digital innovations.”

Under Goodey’s leadership, DECA aims to cater to a diverse membership that includes crypto and Web3 companies, governmental bodies, charities, and sectors involved in tokenization, payments, and banking. The organization seeks to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and crypto enterprises, advocating for regulatory frameworks that promote innovation while ensuring consumer protection.

This rebranding comes at a pivotal time for Australia’s regulatory environment concerning digital assets. The country is tightening its regulations on digital assets, although in a structured manner that could support long-term industry growth. For example, recent legislative changes have banned the use of digital currency and credit cards for online gambling. This move aims to curb financial excesses and promote responsible behavior among consumers.

The new regulations are also expected to enhance the accessibility and attractiveness of cryptocurrency investments in Australia, reflecting a growing acceptance of digital assets within mainstream financial markets.

DECA’s broadened scope and redefined focus indicate a strategic response to the dynamic nature of the digital economy. By incorporating a wide range of digital sectors, DECA is positioned to lead in advocating for progressive policies and fostering innovation across Australia’s digital landscape.

The organization’s commitment to evolving with the industry ensures it remains at the forefront of digital economic development, supporting its members and promoting the responsible growth of digital assets and technologies.

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