April 25, 2024

Action Martial Arts Power Hour with Alan Goldberg, GM Eric Lee, GM Dennis Warren, Sifu Bobby Samuels


On this episode of the Power Hour some of Sifu Alan Goldberg’s guest included Grandmaster Eric Lee, Grandmaster Dennis Warren and Sifu Bobby Samuels. All have contributed tremendously to the world of Martial Arts and Entertainment, the topics flow and we got a very short sample of the singing talent of Grandmaster Eric Lee.

https://www.ucwradio.com/powerhour , the Power Hour is created on VEROHive https://www.verohive.com

“Although the earliest evidence of martial arts goes back millennia, the true roots are difficult to reconstruct. Inherent patterns of human aggression which inspire practice of mock combat (in particular wrestling) and optimization of serious close combat as cultural universals are doubtlessly inherited from the pre-human stage and were made into an “art” from the earliest emergence of that concept. Indeed, many universals of martial art are fixed by the specifics of human physiology and not dependent on a specific tradition or era.

Specific martial traditions become identifiable in Classical Antiquity, with disciplines such as shuai jiao, Greek wrestling or those described in the Indian epics or the Spring and Autumn Annals of China.”

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