June 21, 2024

Money Never Sleeps Radio With Louis Velazquez, Elon Musk, Tesla and Bitcoin


On this episode of Money Never Sleeps with Louis Velazquez , we are talking about Tesla and Elon Musk and Bitcoin, how he single handedly in one full swoop created a mass utility for Bitcoin, and it s not just about Bitcoin. Creating a utility for a cryptocurrency gives it value and that value could grow over time.

Giving the ability for a cryptocurrency to be used to make purchases through out an ecosystem gives it value, gives it liquidity and makes it attractive. Granted this will only impact a handful of crypto assets but those that it does impact you have to keep an eye on, whether they are decentralized or centralized.

Money Never Sleeps Radio is a show that touches on anything and everything that impacts the flow of money from the around the corner to around the world.


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