June 13, 2024

Action Film Director Bobby Samuels on the UCW Radio Show


On the episode of the UCW Radio Show with Louis Velazquez we have action film director Bobby Samuels on the show, we touched on film making today, diversity in film, the digital disruption and the growth of independent film making. Bobby is one of the leaders in the action film industry that is rising higher each year, he has opened up doors for many and continues to do so today.

He is on the path to releases a number of new projects in 2021/22 and we can not be prouder of him on the UCW Radio Show. Just one of the really good guys in the world of entertainment who gives back to so many.

About Bobby Samuels

American martial artist Robert Samuels was a fan of martial arts and Hong Kong cinema, following in the footsteps of Jim Kelly & Ron Van Clief. Samuels got his first role on the movie The Gambling Ghost where he played a minor bad guy, but his knowledge of martial arts and enthusiasm made an impression on Sammo Hung who would later give him his biggest role in Don’t Give A Damn, before introducing him to Yuen Wo-ping who hired him to play one of the terrorists trying to take over the cruise liner in The Red Wolf. Samuels would then appear as an extra in Teddy Robin’s Hong Kong Graffiti, before leaving Hong Kong to break into the American industry.

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