July 25, 2024

Mass Sports Partners with Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Solution SUKU Discover to Track the Product Journey of Bespoke Motorcycle Racing Gear


Manufacturer of high-quality bespoke motorcycle racing gear Mass Sports partners with blockchain-based supply chain transparency solution SUKU Discover to track the product journey of every suite, glove, boot, etc.

Kevin Pohl, Co-Founder of Mass Sports, expressed, “For Mass Sports customers, the suit and equipment are like second skins, an expression of the rider’s ethos and an extension of the motorcycle. We are very excited to partner with SUKU’s blockchain-based supply chain tracking and tracing solution to elevate Mass Sports as the leading motorcycle racing gear brand prioritizing product transparency and the spirit of our customers.”

The motorcycle gear market is estimated to reach $2940 million USD by the end of 2025. There is also rising demand for product transparency, with seven in ten customers willing to pay more for a product that offers visibility into product sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of SUKU, shared, “Mass Sports’ deployment of SUKU Omni is a perfect illustration of how brands can set themselves apart from the competition through providing transparency into the product journey and meeting demands of an increasing base of conscious customers.”

The steps towards purchasing a Mass Sports customized racing suit are:
1) Consultation (taking measurements)
2) Design draft
3) Payment
4) Manufacturing
5) Quality Assurance
6) Shipment

After taking measurements at a Mass Sports shop, customers receive a QR code to the SUKU Discover product journey. The journey will update in real time and indicate the status of the shipment.

For media inquiries, please contact Carmen Younts at (310) 260-7901 or cyounts[at]citizensreserve[dot]com.

About SUKU
SUKU aims to make commerce more transparent and efficient with blockchain-powered supply-chain solutions. By leveraging the traceability enabled by blockchain, SUKU provides brands and retailers with the transparency they need to meet the demands of a growing base of conscious customers. To incentivize the participation of small suppliers, SUKU rewards participants with tokens that grant the holder access to key financial services, such as microloans, that are not otherwise available to them. The SUKU team consists of a group of successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with a background in supply chain and blockchain from Deloitte’s Blockchain Lab. SUKU is developed by its parent company Citizens Reserve, Inc. headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, please head to http://www.suku.world, engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or chat with our team on Telegram.

About Mass Sports
Mass Sports is a reputed name in the field of manufacturing and exporting of Motorbike Garments and Accessories. We owe our success to three basic fundamentals: Superior Leadership, Dedicated Workmanship, Hard Work and of course our Esteemed Clients. Our company is committed to providing customers with goods and services of the highest standard.

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