NerdVision’s debugging platform launches an IDE plugin on the JetBrains Marketplace that reduces developer’s MTTR on errors


By introducing an IDE plugin on the JetBrains Marketplace, NerdVision is aiding the advancement of application debugging by consolidating developer activities and eliminating jumps from IDEs to APM solutions.

NerdVision’s IDE plugin currently supports IntelliJ IDEA IDE and allows developers to collect live production data within their IDE regardless of the application’s stage (e.g. in development, staging, or production). Enabling developers to see real environment data directly from their JetBrains IDE, removing the need to map data from observation tools back to one’s source code. In conjunction with NerdVision’s ability to dynamically form and insert log messages with application variables, set tracepoints, and merge pipelines, it is no doubt that this marketplace integration will increase developer productivity by combining their everyday tools.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with JetBrains. In parallel with our unifying platform, the introduction of such a plugin makes it easier for developers to find and resolve bugs within their IDE” said Darren Pywell, CTO at NerdVision.

“We are excited to welcome an integration between NerdVision’s debugging platform and IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs released as a plugin on the JetBrains Marketplace today. Users of both JetBrains’ and NerdVision’ products will benefit greatly from the delivery of debugging data from their live applications right to the IDE.” — said Mikhail Vink, Marketplace Product Manager.

“As the complexity of applications continues to increase, it is important to ensure reduced error budgets, whilst maintaining performance. Partnerships like this produce innovations that simplify the development process for the industry”.

NerdVision’s integrations give high degrees of visibility to one’s application state. Behind this progressive application is Integral GmbH, a company composed of dedicated individuals who share the desire to help developers and DevOps gain better insight into their applications, form timely solutions to programming hiccups, while maintaining operational systems, and enhance the overall user experience by bettering the production and development environment(s).

Intergral GmbH is a technology company based in Stuttgart, Germany, founded in 1998, specializing in developing and implementing high-performance monitoring and data analysis solutions. With implementation and development experience ranging from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies

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