AG Neovo Launches the Advanced 4K PD-Series for Digital Signage and Control Rooms


Earlier today, AG Neovo, a leading global provider of displays and signage for professional markets, announced the release of the much-awaited PD-Series 4K-resolution commercial displays that promise astonishing colour, startling brightness and flexible functionality in the current market.

Commercial Grade Panel for 24/7 Use

The PD-Series is a professional and reliable commercial-grade display that comes with 4K resolution and 700 nits brightness making it the perfect fit for control rooms, airport terminals, and shopping malls. But that’s not all.

This commercial-grade display also boasts of being signage-friendly. With the useful landscape or portrait mode present in all PD-Series models, advertisers can easily set up or move signage from one place to another. This feature provides great freedom and flexibility in customizing your display to meet your business needs.

Unlimited Control Wherever You Are

Addressing the demand for efficiency and excellence in the 4K display market, the PD-Series comes with more-value added features like the PID Command & Control, a display management software that is compatible with Google Play and Apple Store Apps. With this feature, users can remotely control the screens through the internet. These simple apps help users to monitor functions like temperature checks, colour calibration, key locking options, and usage monitoring.

Innovative Engineering Delivering Great Picture Quality

At the heart of the PD-Series are several advanced features like AG Neovo’s patented Anti-Burn-in™ Technology which deals with the LCD monitor burn-in effect. With this Anti-Burn-in™ feature, the company promises to secure the user’s investment by prolonging the life of all AG Neovo monitors and displays.

Extensive Functionality and Operability

What’s more, the PD-Series also come with a built-in SDM slot designed for Intel smart display module that delivers powerful and smart signage. Combining this with the unique DisplayPort daisy chain functionality means you get to save significant amounts of time when configuring multiple displays.

But the versatility doesn’t even stop there. The DisplayPort daisy chain functionality accommodates for video and audio to be transferred to multiple AG Neovo large format displays. The masterstroke then comes as the IR/RS232 loop-through feature that provides a convenient single point of control for multi-display installation.

State-of-the-Art Signage for Smart Companies

The PD-Series lineup is available in a variety of sizes, specifications and models. All of which exceed the stringent requirements needed to display the official 4K UHD logo. Please review the specification table for more details about specific models.

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