July 25, 2024

New Business Set to Transform the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Ecosystem by Helping to Create Investible Partners


Australian-based operation Partner Elevate, has today announced the launch of its business and certification programs aimed at transforming the Microsoft partner ecosystem and helping technology businesses leverage the Microsoft Partner Network, on a global scale.

With 300,000+ partner businesses globally, the Microsoft partner ecosystem is the largest partner ecosystem of any global technology vendor, and with a market cap of over a trillion dollars, Microsoft credits 95% of their commercial revenue coming from, or being influenced by their partner channel, either directly or indirectly.

Founded by Desmond Russell and Ben Shapiro – technology entrepreneurs with deep insight into the Microsoft ecosystem – Partner Elevate helps develop Investible Partners™ in the Microsoft partner ecosystem by helping technology business owners build and develop scalable, growth focussed businesses. This helps them build relevance with Microsoft and access the vast opportunities and investments the organisation makes in its partner network.

The announcement comes off the back of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiling plans to unlock trillions of dollars in partner opportunities. In a recent interview with CRN, Nadella said:

“What I think is unique about the way we approach our business… and our partner ecosystem is that we fundamentally wouldn’t exist as a company if not for our partner ecosystem taking what we built, adding value to it…and being jointly obsessed about how the outcomes help the world get better one business at a time, one community at a time.”

Creating mutually beneficial outcomes for the whole channel, the Partner Elevate business model also helps global technology vendors like Microsoft and their distributors, strengthen their position in the market by increasing the capability, capacity and go-to-market readiness of their resellers across the globe.

According to Desmond Russell, Program Director and Co-Founder of Partner Elevate, Investible Partners™ are winners and innovators who use decisiveness, predictability, and relevance to scale their business – and know how to deliver outcomes, not just promises.

Russell adds that the business was born out of a desire to address a significant gap in the channel ecosystem – one that was impeding the effectiveness of the Microsoft Partner Network globally and creating barriers to driving the channel forward.

“While passionate about technology, many partner businesses fail to turn technical competency into profitable and scalable business capability, an unintended consequence of the partner enablement programs available today.”

“We know that Microsoft loves winners and innovators, and that for many businesses this means developing focus and energy towards being prioritised.

“Therefore, our vision is to help them step out of the day-to-day running of their business and guide them in building great, functional and scalable business models that will set them on the path to being an Investible Partner™ – and in turn access the trillions of dollars of opportunities on offer from Microsoft,” he adds.

Supporting this pathway, Partner Elevate has launched the SalesPlay On-Ramp™ Program, a 6 week, guided coaching program designed to address go-to-market readiness capability and deliver business impact with a customer win.

Ben Shapiro, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Partner Elevate, says that being able to deliver quick wins for partner businesses is part of their focus on driving a momentum shift in business, and that SalesPlay On-Ramp™ is where Investible Partners™ start and learn to develop customer intuition, amplify value and build credibility with sales offers that win more customers.

“Offering a mix of educational content, community learning and live coaching, the Program drives accountability and momentum in order to help participants realise the impact of their sales and marketing efforts, without breaking the bank,” he says.

“We’re also proud to offer a world-first, Investible Partner™ digital credentialling program, enabling individuals and organisation to certify and showcase their skills and competencies and be recognised as an Investible Partner™.

“The digital badge serves as a visible and accessible method for demonstrating non-technical capabilities and differentiating experience in a highly competitive marketplace,” he adds.

With more than 100 Program participants to date and 30 badge recipients across the Asia Pacific region, Partner Elevate enjoys a strategic relationship with global technology vendors like Microsoft and its key distribution partners including Dicker Data and Ingram Micro.



Founded in 2020, Partner Elevate develops Investible Partners™ in the Microsoft worldwide partner ecosystem by helping technology business owners and leadership teams build and develop scalable, growth focused businesses. Transforming the partner ecosystem, Partner Elevate helps major technology companies like Microsoft and their distributors increase the capability, capacity and go-to-market readiness of resellers on a global scale – creating a win win for all. For more information visit www.partnerelevate.com


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