July 15, 2024

On this segment of Money Never Sleeps Radio with Louis Velazquez we touch on Bitcoin, Ethereum, UFC Tokens, Chiliz Coin, Pecu Novus, NFT’s, Crypto Fights, Cryptocurrency SEC Regulation and more. The landscape of the cryptocurrency market is changing and regulation will put the path in perspective as issuers and projects scramble for direction.

Blockchain networks that offer more than just a coin will thrive in 2022 as the appetite for NFT’s as well as tokens and coins with a true utility will come into play as regulations are brought to light. Novelty tokens such as Chiliz Coin which offers UFC Tokens and Crypto Fights which offer a token for their MMA video game platform become more than a novelty as they offer UFC fans and players rewards.

Pecu Novus has just added NFT’s to their platform and expect other tokens to be introduced that are specific for a company or product, they are building their infrastructure for scalability, which will make this platform valuable as the months move onward.

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