April 25, 2024

Electronic Giants Joining The Blockchain and Crypto Party


Blockchain will continue to grow and expand into so many industries there is no question about that, so electronic giants jumping into the water is very interesting. LG Electronics , not reportedly but officially added blockchain and crypto into their corporate charter. Basically making this a solid part of their business model.

Does this mean that LG is getting into the Crypto Exchange arena, could be and that would shake things up a bit as they come with serious capital to back such a move. Now there have been rumblings of Bithumb being that play for LG but those are just rumors, so can it be a premature fact? We won’t know until it comes out so all that can be done now is speculation.

If they dive into the crypto exchange arena then they can potentially give Coinbase, Binance, LAToken and Gemini a run for their money. Everything about a crypto exchange is the capital reserves , you need those capital reserves in order to piss in the weeds with the big dogs.

Although Binance and Coinbase are pretty well capitalized, one of the investment plays may be in LAToken, perhaps LG could be looking that way as well.

Layer-one blockchain infrastructures with vision are the real plays for growth, there is so much opportunity in this arena as scalability is becoming more important. Ethereum is looking to handle that on their end with the upgrade to its system, which could open up some serious doors for them when that happens later this year. Solana has made some strides to becoming a very fast network while Near Protocol and Pecu Novus are making strides in becoming truly well rounded blockchain networks.

Having the ability to incorporate blockchain into real time platforms is where the growth is and for that Near and Pecu are well positioned. Granted Ethereum is already used by JP Morgan for one of their platforms, it is not clear how the upgrade would impact existing tokens and platforms.

LG is on the right track and I believe it’s just a matter of time before AMC Theaters , that jumped into the gold mining business recently, goes into the crypto exchange arena. Anything is possible people.

– Steve Burke



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