July 23, 2024

Dombbit launches Self-Recharged Crypto Miner


Dombey Electrics Co. (www.dombbit.com), a company founded in the UK in 2010, and subsequently in Finland and with Hong Kong as its production site, and with offices all over the world, is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment.

In 2019, the company introduced the low-power consuming cryptocurrency miners, as electricity and utility bills can be tiring and financially straining in mining. They introduced the first set of miners with extremely low power consumption into the Hong Kong Market and have sold over 2,000 to coin miners all over the world.

Recent Developments

In October 2022, they launched the first set of miners with in-built solar panel. The product is known as Dompre (Dombey Previa). It is both sun and electrically enabled. It attracts sun by itself and charges forthwith. It has double sources of power, such that it can charge with the smallest amount of sun or it can be plugged into electricity to charge. They are made of Photovoltaic cells are more solid and long-lasting. The warranty on it is five years. Cryptocurrency miners do not have to worry about electricity bills since. Shipping to all parts of the world is free. See products here www.dombbit.com/products

In addition, they provide free solar power systems called D200 along with the mining equipment, exclusively for cryptocurrency miners to prevent concerns with accumulated electricity bills. This implies that when you purchase a cryptocurrency miner, you also receive D200 to help with mining. They have an instruction booklet and are simple to operate. The COO, James Eskola, stated in “the Street” that he believed many customers of their D200 ended up using it for camping rather than mining, in part, because they could afford the utility fees. That is why they give it with the miners to incur lesser utility fees.

Concerning delivery issues and breakage or damages, or in a case where the machine is not well handled by delivery firms, items can be returned immediately and replaced within the specified timeframe. For more information on the terms of return, please see more explanations here www.dombbit.com/faqs/

About Dombey Electric Incorporated

Dombey Electrics Co. is the leading supplier of electrical solutions, and was founded in 2010 by a group of electricians. They take great pride in their ability to produce unconventional electrical products for the purpose of indoor and outdoor usage. In addition, thanks to numerous technological developments, they have added less risky activities to the use of electrical appliances.

Media Contact:
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James Eskola
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