July 15, 2024

Bunzz Unveils DeCipher: AI-Powered Tool Revolutionizes Smart Contract Documentation


Bunzz PTE LTD, a Singapore-based tech company, is set to transform the world of blockchain development with the upcoming release of “DeCipher.” This revolutionary AI-powered tool aims to revolutionize the process of generating smart contract documentation. With over 2,000 users already on the waitlist, DeCipher has garnered significant attention and is scheduled to launch in mid-July 2023. Leveraging advanced AI models, including ChatGPT3.5 and 4, DeCipher introduces a smart contract-specialized GPT that promises unprecedented precision. The fine-tuning approach employed by DeCipher is currently undergoing patent processing, showcasing Bunzz’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

DeCipher offers developers a simple and efficient way to generate smart contract documentation. By copying and pasting the contract’s URL, developers can effortlessly produce accurate and comprehensive documentation. For continuous accessibility, DeCipher can be accessed through the Bunzz Chrome Extension, available on popular Block Explorers such as Etherscan.

However, DeCipher’s capabilities extend beyond documentation generation. By utilizing the Bunzz CLI, developers can modify contracts after they have been analyzed. The Bunzz VS Code Extension further enhances the tool’s functionality by allowing for deployment to all EVM-compatible blockchains. This comprehensive solution streamlines the development process and empowers developers seeking to create new applications by forking existing DApps.

Bunzz also introduces Bunzz v2, a cutting-edge DApp development environment that includes DeCipher along with a VS Code Extension, a repository, and a deployment environment. This groundbreaking offering enables easy modularization and editing of all blockchain-deployed contracts using the VS Code plugin. Furthermore, developers can securely deploy their contracts using Metamask, marking a significant milestone in the history of web3.

The release of DeCipher and the introduction of Bunzz v2 exemplify Bunzz’s commitment to driving innovation within the blockchain industry. By harnessing the power of AI and providing comprehensive tools for smart contract development, Bunzz empowers developers to streamline their processes, enhance efficiency, and build robust decentralized applications. The anticipation surrounding DeCipher’s launch showcases the industry’s hunger for innovative solutions that push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

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