April 25, 2024

SmartRoof AI Appoints Nick Schanbaum as Head of Business Development and General Counsel to Drive Growth and Innovation


SmartRoof AI, a digitally-native roofing company, has announced the appointment of Nick Schanbaum as its Head of Business Development and General Counsel. With his extensive experience in the PropTech industry, Nick brings a wealth of expertise in sales, HR, strategy, and legal functions. His appointment is expected to play a vital role in driving SmartRoof’s growth across various asset classes in the institutional commercial real estate sector. Nick’s proven track record of delivering results and driving organizational success positions him as a valuable addition to the SmartRoof AI team.

As SmartRoof AI aims to revolutionize the roofing industry through its digitally-native approach, the appointment of Nick Schanbaum as Head of Business Development and General Counsel marks an important milestone. With his deep understanding of the PropTech industry and his experience in leading sales efforts, Nick will be instrumental in driving SmartRoof’s growth within the institutional commercial real estate market. His expertise will help SmartRoof AI expand its market presence and unlock new opportunities in the evolving PropTech landscape.

Nick Schanbaum’s impressive background includes his role as General Counsel for ParkHub, Inc., a Dallas-based company that achieved a significant $100 million exit last year. During his tenure, he played a crucial role in providing legal guidance and strategic direction to facilitate the company’s growth and success. Additionally, as Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for Kairos Water, Inc., an Atlanta-based PropTech company, Nick showcased his ability to drive innovation and navigate complex legal matters. His experience as a startup executive and in-house counsel brings valuable perspectives to SmartRoof AI.

Expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, Nick Schanbaum highlighted his excitement to lead the sales charge at SmartRoof and drive B2B growth. He acknowledged the privilege of working alongside the existing leadership team and emphasized his commitment to delivering outstanding results. With his strong leadership skills and dedication to SmartRoof AI’s mission, Nick is poised to make significant contributions to the company’s growth and success.

SmartRoof AI’s digitally-native approach, combining drones and AI technology to unlock proprietary roofing data, has revolutionized the roofing industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, SmartRoof AI reduces costs, enhances the property owner experience, and provides a global roofing platform for marketplace participants. With the addition of Nick Schanbaum to the team, SmartRoof AI is well-positioned for accelerated growth and continued innovation.

Nathan Mathews, CEO of SmartRoof AI, expressed his delight in welcoming Nick Schanbaum as the Head of Business Development and General Counsel. Recognizing Nick’s extensive experience in the PropTech industry and his proven track record of driving growth, Nathan emphasized the value of Nick’s expertise in accelerating SmartRoof’s growth and expanding its market presence. The addition of Nick to the leadership team aligns with SmartRoof AI’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and solidifying its position as a leader in the roofing industry.

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