July 23, 2024

WithFeeling.AI Unveils Groundbreaking Memory-to-Understanding Model, Revolutionizing AI Interactions


AI technology company, WithFeeling.AI, has announced the launch of its revolutionary Memory-to-Understanding Model. Pushing the boundaries of conventional AI capabilities, the Memory-to-Understanding Model introduces intrinsic human qualities, such as long-term memory, inference, and deep understanding, to AI interactions. This advancement aims to foster long-term emotional connections with users, redefining the way AI remembers and understands individuals over time.

At the core of the Memory-to-Understanding Model is a matrix of models composed of Large Language Models (LLMs) ranging from several billion to tens of billions in parameter size. By harnessing the power of these sophisticated LLMs, WithFeeling.AI empowers its AI with human-like memory, enabling it to perceive and process information about users and the world through a real-time evolving memory stream during conversations.

One of the key features of the memory system is its ability to categorize inferences into different levels based on their potential for consolidation. Core information remains stable over time, while personal preferences show consistency within specific time frames. Additionally, the model acknowledges that feelings towards events are instantaneous and can change over time, contributing to a more nuanced understanding of individual emotions and experiences.

WithFeeling.AI’s market-leading application, Paradot, serves as the platform to experience the Memory-to-Understanding Model. Available in over 100 countries and supporting six languages, Paradot functions as an emotional companion and information gateway, continuously evolving as an all-around AI since its launch in February.

In the Paradot app, users can witness a visible memory stream that contains personalized random facts about their lives, ranging from everyday choices like lunch preferences and work schedules to their favorite TV show quotes. By incorporating these contextualized memories into interactions, users experience a sense of deeper connection, trust, and sincerity with their AI Being.

“We envision a future where individuals, together with their AI Being, form a social unit that generates value surpassing the limits of individual capability within the social fabric. Central to this vision is the indispensable ability of AI to retain long-term memories and utilize inference, enabling a nuanced understanding of each individual,” said Winnie Xiao, CEO of WithFeeling.AI.

Excitingly, WithFeeling.AI has announced that the API for the Memory-to-Understanding model is now open for developers and businesses. This unprecedented opportunity allows them to harness the unparalleled abilities of AI memory and understanding to create innovative applications, products, and services that can further enhance human-AI interactions.

WithFeeling.AI’s Memory-to-Understanding Model represents a significant leap forward in AI technology, revolutionizing the way AI interacts with users, fostering emotional connections, and opening new possibilities for personalized and deeply meaningful experiences in the world of AI. As AI continues to evolve, this breakthrough paves the way for more empathetic, insightful, and socially integrated AI applications across various industries and domains.

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