April 25, 2024

The MegaHoot Vault is a dual purpose platform where the continued development is increasing the utility of the platform within the MegaHoot ecosystem. This continuous evolution is allowing for the Vault to be much more than a holder of cryptocurrency but also a repository for various types of digital assets ranging from digital documents and digital art to non-fungible tokens and more to come.

One part of the Vault is the Crypto Index, this is a listing of various cryptocurrencies, their pricing, volume, circulating supply and other useful information for the general public. This information is given as a courtesy to members and visitors of the Vault alike.

The main part of the Vault encompasses an end to end encrypted network that was specifically developed for digital assets to be held across the entire MegaHoot ecosystem. This allows for a member to hold their digital assets such as the XMG Coin, Pecu Coin, virtual backgrounds and overlays for VeroHive, sensitive DocuMega documents, digital artwork and other digital assets for gaming in the near future all in safekeeping. Due to the Vault being blockchain enabled every digital asset deposit that is made into a members vault registers on their own blockchain as well as the blockchain of the digital asset.

It brings forth transparency, security, privacy and immutability, being able to show that a digital asset is truly owned by a MegaHoot member is a way that we protect our community against fraud.

A key feature is the proprietary escrow system, it allows a member to place a digital asset into escrow if they are transferring it and need to set the release of the digital asset for a certain date for a number of reasons. This is extremely useful if a transaction is happening that does not involve a crypto asset in the Vault.

So if a MegaHoot member is selling a non-fungible token they are able to put that token in escrow until the payment is received. Members have the option to either solely use the MegaHoot Vault as a means to transfer digital assets on a peer to peer basis or use it as a tool to conduct end to end transactions using the XMG or Pecu Coins.

All MegaHoot members enjoy the peace of mind that their digital assets are safe, secure and protected against fraud.

For more information go to www.megahoot.com/vault/

For the Crypto Index go to www.megahootvault.com or to create a MegaHoot Vault account go to www.megahootvault.org

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