MegaHoot Technologies, better known as MegaHoot, has done something interesting in the cryptocurrency space. They are rewarding their members that have been active with their platforms, such as VeroHive and DocuMega, they will be distributing 175 MegaHoot based non-fungible tokens “NFTs” next week as a tank you for all their support. The NFT’s according to the company will be only seven NFT’s and each will be a limited series of 25 and no others of this line will ever be minted again.

Other players have done this as well including Twitter, who issued 140 NFT’s revolving around the company and rewarded Twitter users on a first come first served basis. Some of those Twitter NFT’s are commanding prices over $20K on some platforms, which is one heck of a reward.

For those that aren’t aware, MegaHoot has built a deep ecosystem of platforms ranging from video conferencing and digital document management all the way to fintech related platforms. Some of these platforms are going to allow other developers and small companies to build on the backbone of their platforms to create dynamic platforms and businesses from it.

So the NFT’s being issued will live in a very secure environment called the MegaHoot Vault and owners of the NFT’s will be able to transfer them there or sell them on the upcoming digital asset e-commerce system Fortis Auction Blockmarket, that should be fully accessible by the time the NFT’s are distributed to everyone.

The NFT’s are built on the Pecu Novus Network and registers on that blockchain with full transparency and the actual digital asset is super secure, with a pin that is needed to unlock it.

They Tweeted out a few for the world to see.


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