Connecting and getting deals done sounds easy but it isn’t, through technology provided by MegaHoot Technologies, Inc, it has become easier for dealmakers in finance, real estate, commodities and more.

The Dealroom is a Members Only Private Club that is exclusively on MegaHoot Soapbox where financial, real estate and commodity professionals can connect and get deals done securely. From Mergers & Acquisitions to Real Estate and Physical Commodity Transactions, all communication is private and secure whether its a video call or sharing of sensitive documents.

The Dealroom is managed by FGA Partners and it allows for Members to not only share but also to execute documents in the Private Club while they are on a live video call, they will be able to post listings for services, potential deals and communicate securely and simply in one place.

All transactions that are completed in the Private Club itself are protected from fraud.

The Private Club will be opening the doors on November 1, 2021.

Potential members will be able to request membership on October 20, 2021.



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