April 22, 2024

Pecu Novus 2.0 : Code Falcon : Layer-One Blockchain Network


In 2017 a layer-one blockchain network was built with the idea that it would provide solutions for issues that were abundantly inherent with conducting global business, the network was named Pecu Novus.


An initiative that began in late 2021 started to take shape and finally in March of 2022 a new age will be in motion which is the complete overhaul of the Pecu Novus Network going from Pecu Novus 1.0 to Pecu Novus 2.0. This initiative has been under the direction and leadership of MegaHoot Technologies, the overhaul has been dubbed “Code Falcon”.

The overhaul doesn’t just include the blockchain infrastructure but the entire ecosystem. The results will be a fully functional mainnet with the ability to dynamically split and shard automatically as the need arises. This will do a number of things for the network once the complete roll out of the upgraded architecture occurs in late April 2022. Such as increasing the speed and scalability of the network not temporarily but indefinitely, so as the usage increases the network will expand dynamically to meet that demand.


This helps the network, network members and developers to get the most out of the Pecu Novus Network with “Code Falcon” in full effect.

It will allow for increased security protocols to be put in place to protect the network, network members and the developers that will be building platforms on the backbone of Pecu Novus. Additionally it will increase the decentralization of the network while keeping the network member experience robust and secure with platforms that are simple to use.


Proof of Work was the norm until it was realized that it isn’t efficient and definitely not Eco-friendly. Then Proof of Stake came along that causes someone to have to stake their coins in order to become a Validator of a network. We felt that this was a velvet rope scenario that made these networks that promote inclusion to be somewhat exclusive.

Here comes the new age and we call it “Proof of Time”, this effectively allows for Pecu Novus to increase inclusion on a global scale and hold true to what technology is essentially supposed to do and that is include everyone.


So on the Pecu Novus Network anyone can actually become a Validator as long as they have a normal computer with an internet connection. It’s autonomous so there is nothing for a network member to do but run the client on their computer. There is no need for a special rig or super computer system draining extreme energy for a network member to benefit from being a Pecu Novus Validator and earning rewards.

This also allows Pecu Novus to be a carbon neutral network while at the same time allowing for mass inclusion. Security is always at the forefront and with MegaHoot Technologies leading the charge by integrating their proprietary security protocols across the entire ecosystem, it will protect network members, their digital assets on the network, decentralized apps and enterprise level members.

We are very close to the first phase of “Code Falcon” being completed and introducing Pecu Novus 2.0 to the world with the Pecu Terminal. This will not only allow for NFTs to be minted on the network but also Project Tokens, Decentralized Apps, Permissioned Platforms and so much more.

This is an exciting time and we look forward to the Pecu Novus Community coming along on this journey with us as we continue to expand the ecosystem.

– Pecu Novus Network Blog : Pecu Novus Team : https://blog.pecunovus.com : February 20, 2022


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