Bilibili Comics announces partnership with Anime-Planet


Bilibili Comics is proud to announce a partnership with Anime-Planet, providing free chapters of manga and webtoons to Anime-Planet’s online reading portal. In addition, Bilibili Comics has added Anime-Planet’s community ratings to their pages as part of a new third-party scoring feature.

At launch, Bilibili Comics has released sample chapters for a set of 60 series on Anime-Planet, covering a wide range of genres such as BL, GL, martial arts, science fiction, and comedy. More series and chapters will be provided on an ongoing basis moving forward. The community can read these chapters for free, add a rating, and track their reading progress on Anime-Planet, in addition to being able to follow links to Bilibili Comics to read the full series and to see Anime-Planet’s combined community score.

A spokesman from Bilibili Comics said, “We are very optimistic about the cooperation with Anime-Planet, which will allow Bilibili Comics to connect with more comic users. In the future, users can directly have trials of comics in Anime-Planet, and rate their favorite comics. At the same time, this rating will also become an important reference and indicator for Bilibili Comic’s evaluation system.”

Kim Cameron, Anime-Planet’s founder, said: “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to partner with Bilibili Comics. Bilibili Comics offers so many high-quality manga and webtoons that we know our community will love, and we’re excited that users can make their voices heard in the ratings. We are looking forward to strengthening this partnership moving forward. ”

The collaboration is expected to have a profound impact on Bilibili Comics. The majority of Bilibili Comics’ works have versions translated into English, so Anime-Planet, one of the most influential anime and manga communities amongst English speakers, will enable more fans in English-speaking markets to read Bilibili Comics’ highly-regarded series, and will continue to strengthen the legal manga industry. Anime-Planet has established strong credibility in the community and industry in the over 20 years of its operation, and as a result, displaying Anime-Planet’s community ratings on the Bilibili Comics platform will optimize their user experience as well.

Bilibili Comics was launched in April 2021 and has more than 15 million monthly active users. More than 700 comics that are translated into English, Indonesian, and Spanish are available on the platform. The company’s most popular series is Heaven’s Official Blessing, which has an animated adaptation that has aired on streaming platforms such as Funimation and Netflix. Bilibili Comics plans to collaborate with additional animation platforms as a way of supporting content creators from different regions, so that they can continue to provide highly regarded comics works to readers worldwide. With a goal of respecting the cultures of different countries, Bilibili Comics actively promotes localization to support sustainable development of the animation community.

Founded in 2001, Anime-Planet was created by fans, for fans. Anime-Planet offers the ability to track the anime you’ve seen, and the manga, webtoons, and OELs that you’ve read; has personalized anime and manga recommendations; the ability to legally read and watch content online through industry partnerships; and has a vast content database for anime and manga, tags, characters, and staff. Learn more at and follow the site on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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