June 23, 2024

TuneGO® Awarded New Web3 Patents, Expanding Intellectual Property Portfolio


TuneGO®, a leading Web3 music platform, was awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) two new patents for technology that protects content creators and copyright owners.

“The patented TuneGO Vault demystifies and simplifies Web3 for creators, and TuneGO’s Web3 marketplace is the community gateway to the new culture of fans, collectors, and consumers,” said John Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO of TuneGO. “We continue to lead with innovation and are pleased the U.S. Patent Office has once again recognized the uniqueness of our proprietary technology as we forge ahead into the future of Web3.”

TuneGO operates on the Flow blockchain, the home of NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, UFC Strike, and LaLiga (coming soon). TuneGO creates a technology gateway between the creative ecosystem and consumers, and is bolstered by the ease-of-use and no gas fees of the eco-friendly Flow blockchain.

TuneGO has been granted the following two U.S. patents:

  • U.S. Patent No. 11,250,111—The patent is directed toward technology for verifying, via the digital vault, a completeness of the content metadata associated with the media content in the container file and identifying a salable content item that is to be put up for sale via a non-fungible token (NFT) transaction, while prohibiting the sale of the salable content item until consent for the sale is received from each stakeholder from whom consent is required.
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,256,788—The patent is directed toward technology for populating an NFT container file with a salable content item and a specification of ownership rights to the salable content item, offering the ownership rights to the salable content item for sale via an NFT transaction, and updating the NFT container file to reflect change in the ownership rights to the salable content after sale of the salable content item.

These recently granted patents enhance TuneGO’s already formidable patent portfolio that includes 18 U.S. and foreign-granted and pending patent applications—covering various aspects of secure digital storage of music and digital media, creative rights administration and protection, safe and secure project collaboration, and the monetization of creative work through traditional channels and new revenue streams in the world of Web3.

“These new patents, in addition to our formidable existing patent portfolio, demonstrate that TuneGO continues to be the industry’s innovator with regard to our application of proprietary Web3 technology,” said Stacy Haitsuka, CTO of TuneGO. “We will continue to invest in and innovate around our revolutionary TuneGO Vault with additional patented technologies so that we can provide our customers with the best solution to securely manage and monetize their media content.”

TuneGO’s proprietary technology provides an industry-unique platform that establishes a digital record of the creative process, by tracking creative contributions from the inception of the project—ensuring all credits are properly recorded, creative rights are properly protected, and digital assets are properly secured. TuneGO’s patented technology protects the creative community by ensuring proper credit is given for their creative work, resulting in the proper collection of royalties. For fans and collectors, TuneGO provides assurance of the authenticity of work to validate and maximize the value of Web3 collectibles.

About TuneGO
TuneGO’s mission is to secure and protect music and digital media, empower the creative community, and accelerate the world’s transition to Web3. TuneGO provides a robust, global, end-to-end proprietary technology platform that demystifies and simplifies Web3, solves significant problems that plague the music industry, provides a patented safe and secure collaborative environment that facilitates and improves creative output, and establishes a community gateway for the music industry to connect to the new culture of fans, collectors, and consumers. TuneGO’s proprietary technology platform is secured by 7 granted patents and 200+ intellectual property claims. To learn more please visit www.TuneGO.com or download TuneGO from the app store.

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