Crypto Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs): Your Gateway to Cryptocurrency Investment


Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) are garnering increasing attention from investors seeking exposure to the burgeoning digital asset market. These investment vehicles provide a convenient and regulated way to invest in cryptocurrencies, offering several advantages over direct cryptocurrency ownership.

Understanding Crypto ETPs

Crypto ETPs function similarly to traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or exchange-traded notes (ETNs) but are designed to track the performance of one or more cryptocurrencies. They can be traded on major exchanges, just like stocks, and are accessible to anyone with a brokerage account.

Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

  • Diverse Offerings: Crypto ETPs come in various forms. Some track individual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, while others follow a basket of cryptocurrencies, providing investors with diversified exposure to the crypto market.
  • Regulation and Protection: Unlike holding cryptocurrencies directly, ETPs are regulated by financial authorities. This regulatory oversight offers investors a layer of protection against fraudulent activities.
  • Liquidity: Crypto ETPs are traded on established exchanges, making them more liquid and easier to buy and sell than individual cryptocurrencies. Investors can enter or exit positions more swiftly.
  • Accessibility: ETPs can be held in a traditional brokerage account, eliminating the need for investors to manage their cryptocurrency wallets. This accessibility makes them attractive to a broader range of investors.
  • Leverage (Caution Required): Some ETPs are leveraged, meaning they amplify the gains and losses of the underlying cryptocurrency. While leverage can enhance profits, it also magnifies losses, so investors must exercise caution when considering such products.

Benefits of Investing in Crypto ETPs

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of choosing crypto ETPs as an investment vehicle:

  • Regulation: ETPs are subject to regulatory oversight, offering investors a sense of security and confidence in the market.
  • Liquidity: Trading on established exchanges ensures that ETPs are readily tradable, providing investors with flexibility.
  • Accessibility: Holding ETPs in traditional brokerage accounts simplifies the investment process and eliminates the complexities associated with cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Diversification: ETPs tracking baskets of cryptocurrencies enable diversification, reducing exposure to the volatility of a single asset.
  • Market Evolution: As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, new ETPs are introduced, providing investors with a broader range of investment options.

Notable Providers of Crypto ETPs

Several firms have introduced crypto ETPs to the market, making it easier for investors to access cryptocurrencies, here is a short list:

  • ProShares: ProShares was the first to launch a crypto ETP in the United States. It offers various ETPs, including the Bitcoin Strategy ETP and the Short Bitcoin Strategy ETP.
  • Grayscale Investments: A prominent provider of cryptocurrency investment products, Grayscale offers the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, among others.
  • Purpose Investments: This Canadian asset management firm offers the Purpose Bitcoin ETP and the Purpose Ethereum ETP, providing Canadian investors with regulated crypto exposure.
  • WisdomTree Investments: WisdomTree offers the WisdomTree Bitcoin ETP and the WisdomTree Ethereum ETP, catering to global investors seeking crypto exposure.
  • 21Shares: A Swiss investment management firm, 21Shares, presents the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP and the 21Shares Ethereum ETP, providing diversified crypto investment options.

These providers represent just a fraction of the growing list of firms entering the crypto ETP space. As the crypto market matures, investors can expect a broader array of ETPs, further diversifying investment opportunities.

There is also the possibility of a Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETF to evolve in the near future so that will bring additional crypto related products to the traditional financial arena.

It’s essential to recognize that crypto ETPs are a relatively new and evolving investment product. They present a unique opportunity as they are unique in nature, as such, investors should conduct thorough research, understand the associated risks, and consider their investment objectives before diving into this exciting asset class and yes it is very exciting.

Louis Velazquez
FGA Partners

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