Proof of Work has been the staple for the crypto grandfather Bitcoin but over time that consensus mechanism has caused bottlenecks and slowed down the entire system. Of course there are some smart people that are working on enhancing the system to speed up the process but in the end Proof of Work will never leave Bitcoin.

Some miners like Riot Blockchain have close to 100k mining rigs going full blast trying to gain rewards for the next block which Marathon Digital has been raising the bar by working with utility systems to allow Bitcoin mining to enhance their systems as opposed to taking away from them, such as the case in the United Arab Emirates. Other miners such as Cannan and Hut 8 are advancing their systems to win the race to the halve.

There are major developments in the various Lightning Networks being created for Bitcoin to allow for rapid global use, basically allowing the conversion to happen in a rapid manner but settling in their local fiat currency. This can be very helpful for the bankless in developing countries to have access to Bitcoin and possibly other digital assets and join the global emergence of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum has already moved over into a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which puts these miners in a position of either staking their ETH in order to mine or finding alternative revenue streams for their mining rigs. Some are venturing into artificial intelligence where their powerful GPUs can be useful but probably not as profitable. Could it be a value add, potentially, however this could interfere in their operations. These mining companies will be on the hunt for supplemental revenue generation without disrupting their current mode of business.

Pecu Novus’s use of proof of time (PoT) as its consensus mechanism, this offers a number of advantages over proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) such as:

  • Lower energy consumption: PoT is significantly more energy efficient than PoW and PoS, as it does not require miners to compete for blocks by solving computationally expensive mathematical problems. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option for blockchain mining.
  • Lower barrier to entry: Anyone with a high-speed internet connection can participate in PoT mining, as there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or stake tokens. This makes it a more accessible option for miners, especially those in developing countries.
  • Increased security: PoT is more secure than PoW and PoS, as it is less susceptible to attacks by malicious actors. This is because PoT does not require miners to compete for blocks, which makes it more difficult for attackers to gain control of the network.
  • Greater scalability: PoT is more scalable than PoW and PoS, as it can process more transactions per second. This makes it a more suitable option for blockchain networks that need to handle high volumes of traffic.

These advantages make PoT an attractive option for Bitcoin and Ethereum miners looking to supplement their existing revenue. By mining PECU on the Pecu Novus network, miners can earn additional rewards while using less energy and having a lower barrier to entry. This could help to increase the interest and utility of PECU globally, as well as attract more developers to the network. On top of that the increased security and scalability of the Pecu Novus Network could make it a more attractive option for businesses and users looking to use blockchain technology.

In short PoT offers a number of advantages over PoW and PoS, which could make it a more attractive option for Bitcoin and Ethereum miners looking to supplement their existing revenue, generate interest and utility globally, become attractive to developers through a rewards program, and increase the security and scalability of the entire network over time.

Innovation in this space is not one network overtaking another, it’s about innovation for the betterment of the entire industry and increased usability globally as the world gets more connected thanks to the likes of Elon Musk and Starlink. There is a much bigger picture as it relates to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Pecu Novus, the utility of the blockchain is key, the value of it’s digital asset is the value the public puts on these innovations plus supply and demand.

Ripple Labs is in constant innovation mode as well, even though XRP  holders will never benefit from the growth of the company in itself , the increase utility of the system may have some value to them. Even though Ripple is developing systems that utilize blockchain technology but has nothing to do with XRP itself, the company is making strides in the world of cryptocurrency as a whole with the acquisition of Switzerland based Metaco, a crypto custody firm for the price tag of US$250MM.

One the big pluses will be for the Venture Capital and Private Equity arena that link up with these networks while they can, the future prospects outweigh any short term slippage. Those firms that have vision will be the major beneficiaries and players later, such as what happened during the Facebook, Google and Amazon eras, a new era is here.

The innovation will keep on rolling in across viable blockchain networks as mention here.

Elias Fischer
UCW Newswire

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